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20 Chistes que son tan malos que te darán risa

Un chiste con falta de ortografía "Mazorca"

20 Chistes que son tan malos que te darán risa

Correct spelling corn in Spanish Is maz-orca of corn They changed the maz for mas-more I am more orca Yo soy más-orca de maíz Entienden please? Ha, ha Is cute spanish lesson número uno ha ha

Comiéndome las uñas.

No se coman las u? No como yo, que esa soy yo en el futuro, jajjajaja

"My little son, in the kitchen there is a bowl of potatoes. Peel half of them and boil them." "Finished!" Estoy aprendiendo a leer Español.

23 People Who Shouldn't Be Allowed Near Food

I was running late, so I had asked my husband to peel half the potatoes and put them on to boil and I'd be home soon after to finish dinner.Except for it was my husband who asked ME to peel half of the potatoes.

Jajajaja!! No gracias!

During an argument girls be like - I'm not yellin! Tags: argument, with, girl,angry, dogs