Linda trenza para la escuela o el trabajo

Dont Be Afraid to Rock the Braid: Try a higher style. Tie your hair up in a high pony, then fish tail it all the way down. This style looks great, especially is you have long, gorgeous hair. I love how this looks with the ombre as hairstyle

Diadema de trenza,  encuentra un peinado diferente  para cada día aquí...

Peinados para la escuela

Prom hair idea except with smaller braids. I want to try to attempt to straighten my curly mane.

How to Make a Sock Bun in 20 Different Styles

Sock Bun Hacks, Tips, Tricks; How to Wear Hair Up in Donut

I've been rocking the sock bun since grade, funny how the simplest things become such huge trends eh ;How to Make a Sock Bun: 20 Different Styles