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an image of different types of food in english and spanish language on a white background
Diccionario ilustrado de Nahuatl
an image of different animals and their names in german language, including roosters, turkey,
Diccionario ilustrado de Nahuatl
the different types of insects and their names
Diccionario ilustrado de Nahuatl
the spanish text is written in red and green
Palabras de origen náhuatl
a sign that says itacate in spanish and has an image of a man holding a
Palabras de origen náhuatl
an image of a poster with words in spanish and english on the bottom right hand corner
¡Fácil y divertido! Aprende náhuatl básico
a black and white photo with the words macochi cochi pienten
Canción de cuna en lengua Nahuatl
a sign with chinese writing on it that says,'un dia dura tres otnos '
«Un día dura tres otoños / 一日三秋» Te extraño más... - jorgema
a blue background with an image of a castle and the words'que ommotianes
¡Nimitztlazohtla!: Frases de amor en náhuatl para los enamorados
an image of a poster with words in spanish
an advertisement for the mexican language
Nahuatl – La lengua náhuatl
the poster for te amo is shown in red, white and black with words on it
Cómo se dice “te amo” en 8 lenguas indígenas de México