Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself

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The 15-second kissing challenge...

The 15-Second Challenge: How One Little Kiss Can Make a Big Difference in Your Marriage

The 15 Second Kissing Challenge.definitely trying this, I do kiss my hubby everyday even if it's just a goodbye or he's home kiss, but not 15 seconds everyday, I accept the challenge, my hubby is gonna trip out when I tell him;

describe perfectamente a cada ser humano de este planeta.

That's true 👌🏻 I have no words with this 😶 It's beautiful 👊🏻 It's on Spanish 😁😅 Charles Chaplin😄

se amable con todos, sociable con muchos, intimo con pocos, amigo de uno.Y enemigo de nadie. - Benjamin Franklin

Be nice to everyone, sociable with many, intimidate with a few, friend to one. And enemy to no one.

La vida tiene diferentes capítulos, un mal capítulo no significa el final de la historia