Sentir que se está junto de alguém é amar e ser amado incondicionalmente...

Love Story by Anna Razumovskaya - Ballet / Ballerina / Балерина / Dance / Danza / Danse - I would love this pose in my engagement shoot.when the time comes :)

Feliz año nuevo para la familia-Bichos Zea bailando © ZEA

Feliz año nuevo para la familia-Bichos Zea bailando © ZEA

Yo normalmente soy el tenis jajajaja y tu ¿cual eres?

--- Being a hip hop dancer and learning new styles kind of looks like this. Many Spartanaires have to learn different dance styles so that could be a great story.


dear future daughter, you will subjected to having this photo taken when you start dancing! sorry in advance, but your mom is a dance teacher, she wants this picture!

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LOS ABUELOS NUNCA MUEREN... SÓLO SE HACEN INVISIBLES. Los abuelos no sólo cuidan; son el tronco de la familia extendida, aportan algo que los padres no siempre vislumbran: Pertenencia e identidad. Haz clic en la imagen y sigue leyendo...

Individual: Younger people tend to be more active in comparison to adults and once a person retires it's common that they then increase their physical activity