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a woman holding a plate with a gingerbread house on it
High Point, North Carolina
there are many cookies on the table ready to be baked
Pastry Class, Copenhagen, Denmark
pink flowers are blooming in front of the water and buildings on the other side
Polaberry, Amsterdam, Netherlands
a very tall building with a clock on it's side and lots of birds flying in the air
Duke Chapel, Durham, North Carolina
three girls are standing in the middle of a street with cars parked on both sides
Marmorkirken, Copenhagen, Denmark
a woman sitting at an outdoor table with food in front of her and people standing around
Reffen, Copenhagen, Denmark
a woman standing in front of a food stand with bunting on the roof and people walking around
Reffen, Copenhagen, Denmark
an open air market with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables on display under umbrellas
Glass Market, Copenhagen, Denmark
two women standing on the beach at sunset talking to each other and drinking wine in their hands
Kastrup Sea Bath, Copenhagen, Denmark
two women sitting on the beach next to each other with drinks in front of them
Kastrup Sea Bath, Copenhagen, Denmark
a blue plate topped with meat and veggies on top of a wooden table
Little Yellow Coffee Shop, Copenhagen, Denmark
an old fashioned merry go round ride at a carnival
Tivoli Gardens, Copenhagen, Denmark
a woman taking a selfie in front of a mirror with the word love spelled on it
Cafe Flottenheimer, Copenhagen, Denmark
two women standing in front of a bar with neon lights and plants hanging from the ceiling
Proud Mary, Copenhagen, Denmark
there are many bubbles floating in the air
Moco Museum, Amsterdam, Netherlands