Adoro esta versión de Orgullo y Prejuicio. Me enamoré del Sr. Darcy. Tierno...

austenchanted: “ “ Cap ‘n Quote: Pride and Prejudice ” request by neatandproper: Elizabeth Bennet: He’s been a fool about so many things, about Jane, and others… but then, so have I.

Hermoso. Orgullo y Prejuicio 2005

Fitzwilliam Darcy) & Keira Knightley (Elizabeth Bennet) - Pride & Prejudice directed by Joe Wright.Still one of the greatest movies of all time.

Mr. Darcy

Pemberley-state-of-mind The moment you know that P will be your “good mood pill”.

hasta en el cafe

dreaming of... Mr Darcy coffee cup

Amo esta escena, amo esta película, no solo la historia sino esta maravillosa versión: música, vestuario, actores, imagen todo es genial! ♥.♥ a verla! :)

He makes a little bit of an effort in the scene at the piano when he explains why he can’t talk to people. But it’s the scene in the rain, that car crash scene where everything goes so badly when he tells her he loves her, that’s when you like him.

Orgullo y Prejuicio

What If Jane Austen Heroines Lived in 2014?

I'm in love with the movie and this couple and the book, so here is a little tribute. Darcy and Elizabeth Actually it's just a simple sketch but I like it so decided to post it here brown texture b.