Love this fall nail art in a mixture of pink shades.

9 ideas de uñas de tendencia para esta temporada, ¿con cuál te quedas?

If you prefer to be elegant but keep it subtle then this is an excellent nail art that you need to try on. I did the very same thing inside this nail art and receive an incredible result.


::minimal in nude pink::

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10 tonos de gris

Chinchilly Sleek Granite Gray Nail Polish, Nail Color & Nail Lacquer by Essie. Create a stunning at-home manicure with the sleek & sexy granite gray nail color.

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Deep Maroon, Gold Sparkle and Nude Blush Mani.

ESSIE dark nails

ESSIE Need new fall/winter polish 💅💅


gold with nude tones ✱blurry photo but such a pretty combo of colors

Somebody polish my nails

Explorer 24

Somebody polish my nails

Пока муж не переустановил винду, покажу фото с архива. @moyou_london #HolyShapes 02. На сайте @lakodom'a очень много вариантов дизайнов с пластинами и трафаретами (даже самыми новыми, кстати)).

Lines yellow black

Consulta esta foto de Instagram de @borsch_nails • 1,050 Me gusta

Consulta esta foto de Instagram de @borsch_nails • 1,050 Me gusta

Purple Haze

Nail Polish Gel Natural Nail Art Design Ideas For Summer Winter Fall Spring you should stay updated with latest nail art designs, nail colors, acrylic nail

Enchanted 03

Enchanted 03

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biotem's card

Colbalt and Chunky Silver Sparkle



nail art Stylight dress blue gradient lines

A lot of you girls, may be in awe of the nail art designs, yet some maybe apprehensive of creating these designs on their own nails considering it to be a difficult task. Thankfully, with our simple lazy girl nail artworks