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an image of a cartoon scene with a giant skull
an image of a man's face painted on a button
an image of a painting with yellow wings and red leaves on it's sides
Emma Kohlmann - Artists - Project Space
an illustration of three women standing in front of a window with writing on the side
an old mask with wings on it's face
HYPNOS, el dios del sueño en la MITOLOGÍA GRIEGA
a painting of a black cat with blue eyes on a red and gold patterned background
a drawing of a cat sitting on the ground
a black and white photo of a cat laying on top of it's back
'Ben' Drypoint Etching by Kay McDonagh. Original prints available.
a black and white drawing of a cat curled up
'A Cat's Life' New original drypoint etching. Print available to buy at £35.00. Contact me by email:
a drawing of a person laying on the ground with a cat next to her and another dog nearby