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Christmas tree dress form: So cute, I may try this when christmas come around, It looks simple enough, I'll keep you posted

DIY Tutorial For Creating a Shabby Chic Vintage Style Dress Form -

DIY Tutorial For Creating a Shabby Chic Vintage Style Dress Form


Should you wear fir this Christmas?

When I thought about decorating the house this Christmas, I wanted to do something a bit different to the usual garlands and fairy lights. I love looking in Christmas store windows where tableaux have been elegantly yet apparently oh-so-casually thrown together, so I’ve been gathering vaguely festive and wintery household items to act as props […]

'You were once wild here. Don't let them tame you.'

'You were once wild here. Don't let them tame you.'

The title of this post is a quote from Isadora Duncan and happens to be a favorite of mine. So when I received a name suggestion from Ellie, there was no hesitation on my part to delare her the winner of my giveaway! And now my little dress form has...

The Countess' Cedar Gown and Top Hat, Part II

Here we are. The bodice is covered with shorter and smaller branches. Still, I had to trim the greenery closer to the body with my ga...

20 MANNEQUIN TREE DRESSES! - Grillo DesignsGrillo Designs

20+ Stunning DIY Mannequin Tree Dress • Grillo Designs

Yup, apparently mannequin tree dress forms are a thing? Scrap the traditional tree and just grab a mannequin form and some chicken wire. Oh and mix in a little creativity with some basic fashion styling skills and you have yourself a gorgeous tree dress (fit for any season or occasion I must add). Sounds easy enough huh? You bet! […]

White Horse Relics: The 'Divine Miss M' Mannequin

The 'Divine Miss M' Mannequin

Denise's 'Divine Miss M' Mannequin made her debut this weekend at the Chateau de Fleurs Vintage Marketplace in Fallbrook, CA & the Irvine Flea Market. She was a popular attraction, the focus of many camera lenses, and the reason behind many smiles, oohs and ahhs. She was also an inspiration to several customers, one in particular said now she knows how to showcase her great grandmother's wedding gown- put it on a manequin. I can't tell you how many ladies heart's I had to break at Irvine…

Tagli, ritagli e coriandoli

Tagli, ritagli e coriandoli

erikasternlove ♥

Christmas Tree Dress 2014 DIY - The Countess' New Gown

Dovima in Balenciaga, December 1950. Photo: Richard Avedon This year's inspiration for the Countess' Christmas gown came from a photogr...

doily collar

Best of Doily Fashion Remakes

The doily is possibly one of the oldest forms of crochet. Crochet became popular in Europe in the 19th century, and white, crocheted lace doilies were a must-have accessory for any household. Doil…