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Taller anual de Maestras Visitantes

Queridas hermanas: Tal y cómo se anunció, ayer tuvimos el Taller anual de Maestras Visitantes. Fue una oportunidad muy buena de recibir capacitación en cuanto a nuestra labor como maestras visitantes. El programa constó de tres partes: - En la primera parte la hermana Cristi Martín (1ª Consejera de la Sociedad de Socorro de la rama) compartió una breve reseña histórica sobre los orígenes del Programa de las Maestras Visitantes y su evolución hasta nuestros días. Esta lección estuvo basada en…

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Haz clic y tendrás los mejores mensajes de amor, divididos por categorías y seleccionados cuidadosamente. ¡Piensa un motivo y encuentra qué escribirle!

Relief Society Lessons & Activities: We Are Sisters - Lesson on Unity Relief Society Lessons, Relief Society Activities, Unity Quotes, Lds Quotes, Society Quotes, Visiting Teaching Handouts, Church Quotes, Saint Quotes, Sister Quotes

We Are Sisters - Lesson on Unity

This year our talk in the Ward Conferences is about finding unity. We decided not to worry about a PowerPoint presentation this year so we just did posters instead with a scriptures and quotes. Most of our questions were based on the quotes. Additionally, I wanted to keep the handouts simple as well so I designed a 5x7" quote that I printed at Walgreens (it's in English and Spanish). HANDOUTS POSTERS

Types of partners they love before any relation detail find here. What do you personally do right after a love affair? Some partners love to cuddle.

Además de enamorarlo con tus dulces palabras, también puedes sacarle una sonrisa con mensajes originales y divertidos

Hetalia challenge day Character you'd wouldn't mind being naked in front of you. Honestly no one of them I would either be embarrassed or laughing.

155 Mensajes de Amor Para Mi Novio ¡Frases Bonitas Para Enamorar! - Academia del Amor

Romantic couple photography: Valentines day falls on Feb every year and it's the day for romantic couples to propose for a new beginning or let go of old o

8 Signs You are Made for Each Other | Relationships

As a couple, have you ever wondered what makes the two of you click? Being compatible with your partner means that you match his sensibilities and other significant things that matter in a relationship. But how do you know that you are a compatible couple? Here are eight signs that say you and your partner are made for each other.Don't Miss: 10 Simple Gestures That Say 'I Love You'Image courtesy:©Thinkstock photos/ Getty images