REJOICE, lovers of Mid Century Modern! This doorhandle and backplate (and 4 others) is being reproduced by Rejuvenation!

Breaking news: 5 styles of mid century modern front door backplates - including atomic star - from Rejuvenation

Titan Exterior Door Set Mid-Century Modern Entry Set We had the exact door knob, but not metallic (in my old house), it was one of my favorite things about the house when I first saw it in SK.  Love the woven plate and the compass plate. Thinking woven one around the deadbolt pin the from gate and dual compass points on the back gate knobs. Perhaps on the Pool House exterior doors. In brushed silver finishes.

3 sources for midcentury modern door backplates aka escutcheons + a DIY idea

midcentury modern Samba exterior door hardware

Breaking News: New midcentury modern Samba exterior door hardware from Rejuvenation

Modern Mid Century Door Knob With Midcentury Modern Samba Exterior Door Hardware In Unique Shape Design