Christmas wood crafts

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a hand holding a piece of wood with a house on it
Little Church. Driftwood Scene. - Etsy UK
Little Church. Driftwood Scene. - Etsy
a wooden bench made out of sticks and logs
Hand Crafted Twig Willow Side Table
a miniature house made out of wood and painted white with red checkered flags hanging from it's roof
a small wooden house with trees and houses on it's base, in the shape of a circle
Dialogo tra astri
a small wooden box with some decorations in it
four snow globes with small houses and trees on them, sitting in front of a white background
someone is holding up a miniature book with tiny houses and flowers on it that says enjoy the little things
a hand holding a key rack with houses on it and keys hanging from the hooks
Wieszak na klucze / Key holder
there is a toy house on the table with clothes pins and magnets attached to it
a small house made out of wood with windows and trees in the front, on top of a table
a hand holding up a wooden model of houses