I Do Baby! You are sweet baby! Beautiful, adorable, wonderful, amazing & perfect for me. I Love YOU & I'm still holding U tight! I miss u Baby!

Love this! I found the link to the tutorial! @Allison j.d.m Braboy

DIY Pallet Wood Sign

Really cool wooden sign. I love the idea of the double quote DIY pallet wood sign! Be the good!


Maybe our problem is that we think one thing, feel another, and end up saying…

"Algunas personas pasan por nuestras vidas para enseñarnos a no ser como ellas."

"Some people pass through our lives to teach us not to be like them"

#quote Albert Einstein- #Citas en @BijouPrivee

Life is like riding a bike. If you want to maintain your balance, you have to keep improving - Albert Einstein.

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I love my job. I'm even thinking about changing my major because of it. Animals have always been my passion

What a wise woman that Julia Child was. Love this quote by her as it is very true to be able to find your passion in life is so important.