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a woman holding a child with flowers on her head and the words in spanish above it
a pink rose sitting on top of a white sheet with the words in italian above it
a woman standing on top of a hill next to the ocean with butterflies flying around her
red roses with green leaves and a heart in the middle
the words in spanish are written on a purple background with stars and swirly lights
a bouquet of pink tulips in front of a blue sky with the words happy birthday
a bouquet of pink tulips on top of a bed with the caption'a tutte le mame del mono '
the words are written in purple, blue and white marble with swirls on it
Mamma, amore alla quinta potenza
a heart shaped sign with an image of a woman kissing a man's face
Cuore famiglia
a card with an image of a bow and hearts on it
a vase filled with pink roses on top of a table
a bouquet of red roses in the shape of a heart on a wooden background with text namma
Fotomontaggio 🌷Rosa Bella🌷 - Pixiz
a card with pink roses and green leaves on the bottom reads, i'll tu sorriso e un sole che splende ne nio cuore buon compleanono mama
a woman in a white dress holding flowers with the words benvenuto maggio