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I feel sad for anyone who has never been to a Cheesecake Factory restaurant. This cheesecake is out of this world! I think you will find the nut crust quite unusual. Sometimes I double the crust portion of the recipe just so I can have a thicker crust.

We love this sauce advertising campaign inspired by #packaging

How to Creatively Package Sauces by Jade Moyano via Trendland curated by Packaging Diva PD. One of the most creative packaging designs and advertising campaigns I've


Bread Gnome -- What can we say? This is an adorable bread gnome. You eat his hat, which would be rude if he were a real gnome, but he's actually just an imaginary gnome that's been printed on a bread bag. (Yes, there ARE real gnomes, get over it.

Por que no todos los días son color de rosa, Branding Backbone ha creado una serie de vasos que buscan expresar tu estado de ánimo al tiempo que tomas tu bebida favorita y lo mejor de todo es que sólo tienes que rotar parte del recipiente.

Take Away cup lets you customize your face and mood on your cup by moving the cup sleeve. A fun way to express your emotions, while taking in your favorite beverage from Gawatt Coffee Shop.

Los mejores cortes de la ternera | Demos la vuelta al día

Los mejores cortes de la ternera | Demos la vuelta al día