Buen dia

Buen dia ✿ Quote / Inspiration in Spanish / motivation for learning Spanish…

you are successful,you are a published best selling author,you are prospering in all you do,God is opening doors for you,you and God are a majority,no weapon formed against you shall prosper,you have more than enough,your bank accounts are full,your dreams are coming true! you are happy,healthy,wealthy and wise

Morning Collection of Coffee Images

Photograph by Natalia Lisovskaya. Food styling, cup of coffee, beautiful ceramic cup, silver creamer.

"thé" Coeur de ficelle

this reminds me of art from a shop in San Luis Obispo and enjoyable visits with my cousin/friend Norma.


Coffee ♡ Coffee ♡ Coffee ~ Hot steamy coffee ~ A cup of comfort ~ Comfort in a cup ~ Love coffee ~ Coffee love!

Love my coffee!

She Loves Her Coffee – Illustration Cute illustration of a little coffee lover. this is the perfect gift for anyone needing that special brew to start the day!

ℬ ́,  ́

Radio satellite...JOIN US

Let roses of beautiful thoughts surround you and may the fruits of success greet you this morning. Not just a good day but may you live a day of excellence and success. ~ Peonage Napster Good Morning, Enjoy your coffee at Paradise Inn Group

"Café, esa sustancia capaz de convertir un lunes  a "ya queda menos para el viernes"

"Café, esa sustancia capaz de convertir un lunes a "ya queda menos para el viernes"

morning coffee...

Getaway In the woods What if.you made 2 cups of coffee - one to you, one to God and hung out.and then the other cup was empty suddenly - and God literally had been drinking coffee with you? Will make 2 cups for my quiet time todaaaay.