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many pink and white succulents in black pots
Echeveria elegans super 超级月影 Rare Succulent Imported from Korea
PRESALE will be 3-4 weeks waiting period. The pictures are for reference. Some clusters might come apart during shipping, please be aware. Measurements are in CENTIMETERS. Plants are imported from Korea, they will have LITTLE TO NO ROOT. Their roots were trimmed to be USDA compliance. After you receive the plant, place them on top of the soil as soon as you can and water them thoroughly. That will be enough to encourage some new root growth. Succulents are drought - tolerant plants and they pref
many potted plants with different colors and shapes
RARE Lithops MIX succulent cactus EXOTIC living stones desert rock seed 50 SEEDS | eBay
a tree trunk with plants growing out of it
30 DIY Backyard Succulent Gardens You'll Love
You'll love this list of 30 backyard succulent gardens! Tons of designs for adding beauty and life to your yard with little effort! A gardener's dream! Check out all of the unique vertical succulent gardens, designs for garden spaces, and amazing succulent planters. #Succulents #SucculentPlanter #SucculentGarden #BackyardGarden #Gardening #Cactus
a small potted plant with red and green leaves on the side of the road
Haworthiopsis attenuata f. tanba - World of Succulents
Haworthiopsis attenuata f. tanba | World of Succulents
there is a small plant with green stems growing out of the ground in a pot
10 Rare And Unusual Houseplants You Need Asap
a small green plant sitting on top of a pile of dirt
20 Unusual Succulents That Look Like They Came From Outer Space
20 Unusual Succulents That Look Like They Came From Outer Space – InspireMore
Succulent propagation record
Succulent Propagation
a bowl filled with lots of different colored rocks
100PCS Lithops Rare Living Stones Plant Succulent Cactus Fresh Seeds
SUCCESSFUL LITHOPS GERMINATION GUIDE After receiving the seeds, put the seeds in the refrigerator for 3-7 days (so that the seeds are easier to germinate) and then take them out after wrapping them with a wet tissue for 24 hours. Use a gritty soil mix. Recommend 100% inorganic “soil” with no peat for all mesembs. Pumice, turface or crushed lava rock is perfect. Cover them with a 1/8-inch layer of fine sand or crushed rock. Fill a spray bottle with water and mist the soil with it. Try to keep the
Love propagating! String of pearls succulent Trim & propagate & replant
7 Popular Succulents To Grow At Home