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a person holding up a piece of paper with three butterflies on it and one is cut out to look like moths
Jenny McCabe Artist | Printmaker
a bird sitting on top of a green plant
Isolation isn't a good feeling, however what I find helps is walking through and being in my garden amidst my trees, plants, flowers and calming sounds of our native wildlife. I take solace in doing this, kind of like the Wattlebird hiding in the fernery! My framed Unique artwork on paper using the solar plate and monotype printmaking methods to create an original piece of art. Framed artwork measures: 51 x 41cm Created: 2020 #wattlebird #art #originalart #garden #solace #native #australia #wil
a painting of a black bird in front of green leaves and flowers on a white wall
some art work is being displayed on a table with blue and white paper, scissors, and ink
Kill The Lights
Kill The Lights | Hand-pressed block prints - by Andrea Lauren [via]
some paper cut art pieces on a table with markers and pens next to each other
three different types of art work are displayed on a black surface with blue ink and paper
bees like honey
some crafting supplies are laying out on a table with scissors and paper cutters
two red birds sitting on top of each other in front of a paper cutout
Blog — Sarah Greenman
a spiral notebook sitting on top of a wooden table next to a yellow circle and a blue piece of paper
some crafting supplies are laying out on a table
Crafts | Tumblr
an orange and white fox is next to some cut out pieces of paper on a table
Andrea Lauren / Ink Print Repeat
Andrea Lauren : Instagram @inkprintrepeat
some cut outs are sitting on a table with scissors and paper cutters next to them
art ed with emily valenza — seraphica: Hand-pressed block prints - by Andrea...