Todos tenemos un amigo así.... (p. ej. para etiquetar a los compañeros de clase en el grupo compartido en Facebook)

The Social Media Personalities Everyone Hates (And How to Avoid Them) image social media personality types

converse. mandatos formales

Son, why do you talk with your shoes? Its because on the box it says 'converse'

"This cake tastes like boogers!"  "Well it is made out of carrots"

Corny Snowman Humor: This birthday cake tastes like boogers! Well, it is carrot cake.


María Félix - "Look, young lady, I have been very busy living my life and I`ve not had time to count it. (upon being asked her age by a journalist)"

This dance that could’ve been. | 26 Jokes Only Mexicans Will Understand

Music: In this picture is a bride and groom dancing with the Mariachi in the back playing music. Mariachi music is very popular music to play in a Mexican wedding. Mariachi is a French word which means (marriage).