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The purpose of this board is to create a resource of books, lessons, crafts, songs, and other creative outlets that promote the modeling and teaching of important character traits to children. Traits such as respect, responsibility, forgiveness, honesty, courage, trust, generosity, compassion, integrity and empathy. Thank you, Maria Dismondy

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4 year old Character Program
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4 year old Character Program

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SLP Planner for Themes in Speech Therapy - Sweet Southern Speech

3 summer book companions to use in speech therapy activities when implementing a literacy-based speech approach with your preschool & elementary students.

#GrowthMindset-Beautiful Oops! | Maria Dismondy

What is the Growth Mindset? If this is your first time here, welcome! This is a 12-week series to help parents and teachers discover hidden gems across the internet that will help them teach Growth Mindset to the children in their lives. What is it? Fixed versus Growth Mindset A fixed mindset means a child […]

What No One Tells You About Goal Setting | Maria Dismondy

First the holidays, then before you know it we will be ringing in the new year! Let’s talk about the top three things people forget to mention about goals. This way, we can all make things happen for us in 2019! #1 New Year’s Resolutions don’t work Start by planning monthly goals. Break it down […]

10 Mindfulness Activities You Can Try Today

All kids benefit from practicing mindfulness. Who wouldn't love the kids and young adults we work with to become more focused, calm, in control, and self-aware? Mindfulness is a technique that can help teach and strengthen those abilities over time. By practicing mindfulness, people can learn to bec

Cultivating a Growth Mindset in Your Students — The Designer Teacher

Get started with growth mindset in your classroom with anchor charts, posters, writing prompt, brag tags, and more!

Calm Down Corner Strategies EDITABLE - Distance Learning

An EDITABLE calm down kit, book, binder, or posters! These calm down resources can easily be assembled for a calm down corner, a book, or placed in a binder. Simply print, cut around the tabs, and hole punch. Most of the pages are editable, so you can fit your student needs. With these calm down res...

Spaghetti in a Hot Dog Bun Reader's Guide | Maria Dismondy

We know you know all about my books and how they are out there in the world making a difference. In homes, classrooms, medical offices and more! It’s great to see the impact they are having on empowering our children with character lessons. Did you know that EACH book I’ve written comes with a FREE […]

My Knee Guide on Twitter

“"Don't wait until you reach your goal to be proud of yourself. Be proud..." #mhealth”

Double Down on Gratitude Before the Holidays Roll In | Maria Dismondy

It’s the holidays. They’re hovering outside your door just itching to get in! While I’m as excited to get the merriment started as the next gal, I’m not interested in falling down a hole of holiday overdrive. Our best defense? Practicing gratitude! *Grab Maria’s handy gratitude practice template here* The word gratitude comes from the […]

Character Education-Generosity | Maria Dismondy

Hello readers and thank you for stopping by my blog Be The Difference. I am a children’s book author and mother to three young children. I am dedicated to spreading the important messages in my books to children around the world. I strive to make a difference in my own home by spending time teaching […]

Interview-BARBARA GRUENER | Maria Dismondy

Currently in her 32nd year as an educator, Barbara Gruener, a school counselor and character coach at Bales Intermediate school in Friendswood, Texas, has had the pleasure of working with kids from every grade level preK through 12th. Internationally-recognized author of the blog The Corner on Character and the book What’s Under Your Cape? SUPERHEROES […]

What I’ve Learned-Parenthood | Maria Dismondy

Sharing what I’ve learned in Parenthood with you comes with a disclaimer. I do NOT claim to be an expert!!!! I am a mom of three children who has made many mistakes in my role along the way. I strive to learn from my mistakes and educate myself to grow each day. Here are some […]

How to Control Anger, 9 Easy Tips

Learn how to control anger with these 9 tips that you can easily implement in your life. Boost your self-confident on the way...

Interview-SHEILA SLOJSETH | Maria Dismondy

Sheila brings to life acts of kindness and service projects that kids can do. In her daily adventures of serving with her young boys, she has witnessed the awesome things that happen when kids serve others. She started serving daily with her kids in 2012, when they were 3 and 5 years old. What started […]

Free Growth Mindset, Social Emotional Learning, CBT Coping Statements Poster

Discouragement is normal. Everyone feels it. Plus, it is one of surest stepping stones to success. When we feel discouraged, we are given the opportunity to develop a growth mindset, positive self-talk, self-efficacy, and a strong internal locus of control. Having a growth mindset is like having a c...

Books That Teach Community | Maria Dismondy

Back to school is around the corner! I am joining my friend Kimberly over at Funky First Grade Fun in a linky party to list my top five books to read to kids when the goal is building a community. It really is important to make the time to organize games and activities for your […]