8 cuartos de lavado que vas a morir por tener

Laundry seems to be one of those never ending chores. Since we spend so much time in the laundry room there is no reason not to m.

Sugerencias para distribuir, amueblar o decorar lavadero

Howards Storage Worlds: The Family Laundry. A Busy Laundry is easier to manage with a good workflow and a custom designed with Elfa shelving System. Strong epoxy coated metal shelving System that can be customized to your needs.

Lavadero ordenado!

Decoración para lavaderos

Love the pull-out drying rack beneath the shelf, the hanging ironing board and using glass containers to hold laundry soap and products. Laundry room of my dreams. Pathetic, I know, that I dream of well-organized & spacious laundry rooms.

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If you want to keep your place clean then use some useful laundry room storage ideas. These can make your laundry task easy and save space at the same time.