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White lace.

I love this beautiful lace top. The lace itself is amazing & the design of the top is brilliant!

La forma de entender la vida

Sometimes it is not necessary to change the page, sheet, book. Sometimes you just simply change the way you interpret what is written.

Mafalda #humor #chistes

Mafalda (arguing with her mother): "But." "Because I'm your MOTHER, and I'm telling you to do it!" "If it's a matter of titles, I am your DAUGHTER!" "And we graduated the same day, DIDN'T WE?


Trans: "My home is not a disaster area; it's an obstacle course designed to keep me fit"


Mafalda- Hahahaha , she asks her comb if he is nervous! With that hair, it probably is!

El ornitorrinco de Noé.

Four are going to have to explain to me what happened. Because when we got on, there was no "platypus.

It’s Okay… You’re Not Alone

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