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a woman's face with her eyes closed and a pink rose in front of her
a handwritten quote with the words love and laughter
Happy Birthday [joyeux anniversaire, feliz cumpleaños]
a black and white photo with the words dream as if you could live forever, live as if you only have today
Layouts for Tiles & Boards
the words today's little moments become tomorrow's precious memories are written in cursive font
The Fatal Gift of Beauty
the best things in life are people we love
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In This Moment, Success
a black and white quote with the words every day is another chance to do something great
Wise Words {11/20} (printable + coloring page)
The Prudent Pantry: Wise Words {11/20} (printable + coloring page)
a wooden sign that says four things you can't recover the story after the word after its said
You can`t get it back
the words collect moments not things are shown in black on a white background, with an ornate
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