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three pillows with the words i yard magic pillow case pattern on them, and an image of
DIY Pillowcase
Learn how to sew a pillowcase with exactly one yard of fabric and no waste! This super easy pillowcase tutorial is perfect for beginners or for charity sewing because it is the fastest pillowcase pattern you will ever see.
the baby taggie blanket is folded up and ready to be sewn
Baby Taggie Blanket Tutorial
a close up of a baseball on a wooden table with white paper and red thread
Baseball Baby Blanket
A few weeks ago I shared a great tutorial I had found for a football baby blanket. I loved it so much that I wanted to make a whole school gym locker worth of different sports blankets for my child...
someone is stitching fabric together on a piece of pink and white material with yellow pins
Simple Minky Baby Blanket - Happy Hour Projects
Simple Minky Baby Blanket- very easy! Good for a first sewing project (For my grandbabies)
a piece of cloth with red and white flowers on it sitting on top of a wooden surface
Ruffled Minky Blanket Tutorial
FREE project: "Ruffled Minky Blanket" (from The Little Fabric Blog)
pink and purple elephants are on the fabric next to each other in this photo,
Ruffle Baby Blanket Tutorial DIY your own Boutique Blanket
how to sew a ruffle minky baby blanket diy tutorial
three towels hanging on a clothes line in front of a window
whales and butterflies for babies! Shop samples- Self binding baby blankets @prairiepointquiltandfabricshop - in Embrace® double gauze with Cuddle® 3 and Cuddle® Dimple too!
a baby blanket sitting on top of a couch next to a chair with the words diy minky and cotton baby blanket
Home - Creative House Blog
Once I found out I was having a baby girl I went crazy for making minky baby blankets and ruffles! This tutorial is about working with minky and cotton fabric. For more information about working wi...