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Fractales en la naturaleza. Los patrones que rigen el mundo


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3-D Hand Drawing
... Worlds in between blue lines. Kevin Lucbert

Imágenes para pensar

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Rat lubok folk style totem animal
Boston Blue - Media - Cloth Paper Scissors- Boston terrier-dog art- collage art - animal art


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... Conceptos básicos de diseño gráfico. Universitat Oberta de Catalunya
... Geometría sagrada en la obra de Leonardo da Vinci - Casiopea

Nociones generales

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The guide to prints & patterns
Guía de puntadas para máquina de coser - Skarlett Costura

Patterns, patrones (estructura)

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Teselaciones, teselados, teselas

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...  Trama y Estructura
... Estructura y retículas. Diseño Gráfico.
... Definición de retícula

Retículas (estructura)

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... Formas y Redes Modulares
... Estructuras modulares.

Módulos, Redes Modulares

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... Mosaico


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... Garabato (dibujo)

Doodles, garabatos, pintarrajos, dibujos

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... Dibujo geométrico en retícula isométrica distorsionada.
... Dibujo geométrico en retícula isométrica

Figuras geométricas en retículas

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Dibujos Cuarteados

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geometric stained glass patterns rectangular and round window with red rose abstract colorful background multicolored printable stain

Retículas Irregulares

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MC Escher how to create tessellations
MC Escher nr 96 #tessellation #tiling #handmade #wallpaper #symmetry #geometry #pattern #birds #escher #mathart #regolo54
#regolo54 #tessellation #tiling #wallpaper #handmade #watercolor #aquarelle…

Teselaciones, módulos

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Indoor / Outdoor Decorative Screens celosías

Screens Celosías

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... Casitas ilustraciones


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... Arbolitos
... Arbolitos
... Arbolitos


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Bauhaus elements modern geometric abstract shapes vector image
Visual variable - Wikiwand
... Elegir símbolos para mapas

Símbolos e iconos

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a poster with an image of a hand holding a red object in the middle of it
Posters image inspiration on Designspiration
AIAP | Notizie | Libreria 121+ / workshop con Milimbo
the cover of projektt magazine featuring colorful birds on black paper with white lettering
Projekt Magazine Covers – Voices of East Anglia
the frosted window glass is covered in snow
Fractales en la naturaleza. Los patrones que rigen el mundo - Soy Matemáticas
Fractales en la naturaleza. Los patrones que rigen el mundo
an octopus laying on the ground with its tentacles curled up
Increíbles fractales en bacterias, plantas, animales y formaciones geológicas (FOTOS)
an image of a spiral shaped object in the middle of a space filled with stars
Nature's patterns: Golden spirals and branching fractals
a close up view of the center of a green and red succulenta plant
Fibonacci Stock Photos and Images - 123RF
Fibonacci Images, Stock Pictures, Royalty Free Fibonacci Photos ...
the harriss spiral logo is shown in green and black with swirls on it
The golden ratio has spawned a beautiful new curve: the Harriss spiral | Alex Bellos
four different circles are shown in red and white
Regolo | Collage
four different shapes are shown in the shape of triangles, triangles and snowflakes
a drawing with lines and shapes in the shape of an octagonized star
Regolo: Photo
a drawing of an abstract design with lines and shapes in the center, on white paper
an abstract design in brown and white on a white background, with swirls coming out of the center
Clínica Nautilus (@ClinicaNautilus) / X