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a small toy turtle sitting on top of a laptop computer desk with wires in the background
Gustav the Turtle (multi-material) by cipis
Remix for multi-material printers. Original model:https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:220596
a person holding up an object made out of legos on top of a table
Thingiverse - Digital Designs for Physical Objects
Oblivion Defender Drone!! by NickSteen. Based on a design by BrandonW6.
an orange and blue object is on the ground
Shock absorber that made with 3D printed thermoplastic material. 🤔🔩⚙️
a hand is holding an orange plastic bottle with tide on it and a canister next to it
These 3D printed objects can connect to WiFi through plastic, without batteries or electronics
someone is holding a key to their laptop
Key Decoder (For duplicating house keys) by haycurt
a person is holding an object in their hand and it looks like they are working on something
Bosh grinder 125 dust collector by ampartem
two blue vases sitting next to each other on a white counter top in front of a gray wall
How To: Smooth and Finish Your PLA Prints - Part 2 | MatterHackers
two ping pong paddles on a black surface
3D printed ping pong table + paddles by janne kyttanen featured at galerie VIVID
a close up of a door handle on a wooden floor
The Holdude - Door Stopper, Dice Holder.. Hold things! (Canceled)
Are you searching for an amazing customizable, big and repetitive guy that can be a wonderful door stopper? This is your project...
two small black vases sitting on top of a wooden table
Post Processing PLA and ABS Prints! - Pinshape Blog
Post processing PLA and ABS 3D Printed Parts
two black owl figurines sitting next to each other
Smoothing 3D Printed Objects With an Acetone Vapor Bath
3D Printing Forum - 3D Print Board
a close up of a hair dryer on a white surface with blue sky in the background
Marvellous Shift Knob by soulsk8er
Marvellous Shift Knob by soulsk8er - Thingiverse
a black object sitting on top of a table
2015 DSD Pro Sequential Shifter