Vero D Sanchez

Vero D Sanchez

Vero D Sanchez
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Keep yourself and your family organized this travel season with our original leather travel wallet. Designed to keep your most important documents safe and close at hand, this organizer holds passports, boarding passes, credit cards, currency, and any other travel documents. For families traveling with small children, this is the perfect way to keep track of everyone's papers and passes.

All Our Leather Wallets are 100 % Handcrafted and Made from Full-Grain Leather & Marine-Grade Thread that makes Kernez Handmade Wallets Last a Lifetime.

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AVUND for D&D | Card Holster on Behance

Design collaboration with Dan & Dave Industries. Together we developed a collection of leather products specifically for magicians and their daily needs. Collection includes wallets, card holders and coin pouches.

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PUNTILLAS BARRADOS-Arte_de_fazer_Bicos_de_Croche - Sonia Esaurido - Picasa Web Albums

PUNTILLAS BARRADOS-Arte_de_fazer_Bicos_de_Croche - Sonia Esaurido - Picasa Web Albums

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