〽️ Nunca confundas mi silencio con ignorancia, mi calma con aceptación o mi amabilidad con debilidad.

Never mistake my silence with ignorance, my calm with acceptance or my kindness with weakness.

forgiven not forgotten

Farewell letter from

Be careful with your words. Once said, they can be only forgiven, not forgotten.This is so very wish is that all my "peeps" are careful and remember this

Usa las mejores palabras, habla, dialoga, intenta resolver las diferencias, pero no ofendas!!

Say what offends you the moment it offends you and don't wait until you're fed up. Then you can use your best words instead of your best insults.

Para ser irremplazable, uno siempre debe ser diferente. Coco Chanel. #Quote #frases #diferente

Coco Chanel

In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different Coco Chanel.

9 frases geniales de Dr. Seuss en su aniversario | Blog de BabyCenter

9 frases geniales de Dr. Seuss en su aniversario

La diferencia entre "me gustas" y "te amo".

[En] "What's the difference between 'I like you' and 'I love you'? On a beautiful way Buda answered: 'When you like a flower, you pick it up. When you love a flower, you water it everyday' The one who understands this, understands life".

Espectacular de Librerias Gandhi (hehehe)

Stuck in Words: Imagen del día, según Lirerias Gandhi.