Mia Ivanov

Mia Ivanov

Mia Ivanov
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"Shoot me. This isn't real, anyway." "Is that what your brother tells you? That they're just dreams?" He grips my hair and pulls me backward, digging the barrel of his gun into my forehead. "I assure you, this pain will be very, very real."

"She is right," he stammered, looking up at the man with tearful eyes." The gunman demanded." With a growl, the man hit Thomas across the face with his gun.

Baretta 9mm prabellum in action.

Time slowed down then, a loud sound exploding into the silence as a single copper and lead infused bullet raced out the barrel of the gun to slice into a small chest.

(Open rp) Okay. Damsel and I are going on a run of sorts. We'll be gone for a few days though since we've got to go out to Cartersville and maybe further. We have a very specific supply list that isn't getting additions. Would anyone like to join please? (Zander)

" Oliver asked with a confused smile. "Nothing, I just never imagined you with a big gun like that." Christine responded with a smirk.

Nurse Nightingale's

Bloody, Bruised, Scarred, and Abused

No one will have to kill a man at the age of twelve, nearly die at eleven. I swear on heaven and earth no one will.