Oaxaca México has amazing buildings, both new and old. This picture shows one of the typical new buildings in Oaxaca, they are very colorful and fun looking.

Oaxaca Black Pottery Small Catrina Magdalena Pedro Martinez

Day of the Dead: Oaxaca Black Pottery Small Catrina Magdalena Pedro Martinez

Oaxacan Woodcarving


An alebrije is a type of Mexican handicraft. Find out about the meaning of alebrije.

Barro Negro - Black Pottery from Oaxaca

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Mexican Black Pottery is one of the oldest of Mexican crafts, with its production dating back to ancient times. Black pottery of Oaxaca is shown here,

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The Top 10 Natural Wonders of Mexico

Here are ten of Mexico's breathtaking natural wonders. From miles-deep canyons to stunning volcanoes, Mexico is home to some awe-inspiring landscapes.



A calenda is a type of street procession or parade held in Oaxaca, Mexico.

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"River of Raptors" - Migrating Birds of Mexico

Millions of birds of prey make their way from Alaska, Canada, and the northern United States down to Mexico, Central and South America.

Is Oaxaca Worth Your Time? | Savoir Faire Abroad

Is Oaxaca Worth Your Time?

I arrived in Oaxaca last year after a very bumpy bus ride that had me curled up on the floor with motion sickness, I was very blasé