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an artistic sculpture made out of multicolored glass tubes on top of a rug
Faig Ahmed Creates Warped Rugs in Dialogue with Traditions - Hi-Fructose Magazine
a red and white scarf with fringes hanging on a wall
Mijal Zachs "My Duty" 2021
a wooden block sitting on top of a woven mat
there are many scarves hanging on the wall
textiel biennale rijswijk 2015
several pieces of cloth hanging on a wall
Eric Mack - Interview Magazine
a piece of cloth is hanging on the wall and it looks like something out of nowhere
Julia Couzens
an art piece is hanging on the wall and has many pieces of fabric attached to it
Julia Couzens
many different colored wooden blocks in an art gallery with white walls and concrete flooring
ミラノサローネ出展情報 ダイジェスト | ミラノサローネ特集2013
an elaborately decorated rug on the ground in front of a staircase and table with candles
Contención technicolor Mijal zachs Belts, Fashion, Accessories, Belt
Contención technicolor Mijal zachs
a sculpture made out of stuffed animals on top of a wooden floor next to a white wall
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