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an empty room with paintings on the wall
NameBright - Domain Expired
an art installation in a white room with multiple pieces of artwork on the wall and floor
The Measured Precariousness of Sarah Sze
an abstract painting is hanging on the wall in front of a white curtain with silver hooks
Louise Zhang | SUPERFICIAL POWERS (2014) | Artsy
several paintings and jewelry are on display in a white walled room with grey flooring
Jennifer Mehigan
two pictures of the same person's legs and foot with red varicous on them
thomas mailaender 'sunburns' old photographs onto human bodies
an empty room with four blue and white objects hanging on the wall, in front of a wooden floor
Haris Epaminonda at Rodeo
three pieces of paper with red and green strips on them sitting in front of a white wall
Ben Cain
a chair with two hands on it sitting in front of a white wall and floor
the inspiration provider
a collage of different colored papers and pictures on a white wall with the letter o
Molly Zuckerman-Hartung
an abstract painting is shown on the wall with pink and green colors, including white
an image of a man surrounded by stuffed animals and flowers in front of a red wall
Maria Berrio, Derek Fordjour and Ebony G. Patterson “All That Glitters”
there are many different colored pieces of art on the ground in front of some trees
Katharina Grosse | Just Two of Us (2013) | Artsy
an art installation in the middle of a room with multiple colors and shapes on it
Vibrant Art Installations by Katharina Grosse | Inspiration Grid
an art installation in the middle of a building with colorful artwork on it's walls
Subliminal Structure :: Katharina Grosse