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#Волейбол #Haikyuu #Хайкю #anime #аниме #отаку #otaku #manga #манга


孤爪研磨ビッグタオル [ハイキュー!! セカンドシーズン] | キャラクターグッズ&アパレル製作販売のコスパ|COSPA

「ハイキュー!! セカンドシーズン」から、「孤爪研磨ビッグタオル」が登場です。総作画監督 千葉崇洋氏描きおろし!『孤爪研磨』と寄り添う猫がクールな印象のビッグタオル!140×80cmの超ビッグサイズなタオルは、実際に手にすると分かる大迫力の大きさ!!シンプルなデザインなので、タペストリーやソファー、車のシートカバーの代わりにもオススメ!

Shy Love ♔ [Kozume Kenma X Reader] - ♔Shy Love♔ - Wattpad

Shy Love // Kozume Kenma X Reader [✓] - SHY LOVE

As Hinata Shoyo's little sister, I was there to support him. From when he was in junior high like me up until he joined Karasuno's volleyball team. I wasn't exactly fond of sports myself, but Hinata's passion must've rubbed off on me. Now,, I love volleyball! And I am determined to become the greatest setter of all! With Kageyama's help, of course. (Side note; I still suck). But after Karasuno's practice match against Nekoma, I just couldn't help but notice their shy, pudding headed setter…

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Sougo Okita x Kagura [OkiKagu], Gintama

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