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Do you own a creative business? Then check out this board which is filled with creative business ideas, creative business plans, artist business tips, and…
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a woman sitting in a chair writing on her cell phone with the words how to create an instant brand for your business
A Guide to Creating Your Dream Brand Instantly
No design skills required! Our guide walks you through building a cohesive brand identity for your business. ✨ From color palettes to logos, learn it all & get started today! #branding #branddesign #businesstips
a woman standing in front of some art supplies
How to Start an Art Business
If your dream is to make an income through your art and art skills, this video is for you. I share an 8-phase roadmap that will help you get started, achieve success sooner, and avoid unnecessary frustrations. #howtomakemoneywithart #howtomakemoneyasanartist #artbusinessadvice
the beginner's guide to grow your email list fast
The Beginner's Guide To Grow Your Email List Fast
The Beginner's Guide To Grow Your Email List Fast … Use these actionable tips to grow your email list quickly. Find out what you are missing out on and what you need to do to jumpstart your email list growth.
a pink background with the words how to write an epic blog post in 13 simple steps
How To Write An Epic Blog Post In 13 Steps
How To Write An Epic Blog Post In 13 Steps … Feeling overwhelmed while writing a blog post? Find out how you can write an epic blog post in just 13 simple steps.
a person holding up a camera with the words transform your original art to prints and here's how
Art to Print - Art Business & Marketing
Blog post - Explore the journey of transforming original art into captivating prints. Join us as we share insights and strategies to showcase your creativity in the digital world. Start your artistic adventure today!
the best cameras for artists to review for all budget
The Best Cameras for Artists
Find the best cameras for artists: photograph artwork, film content, take reference photos and much more! #bestcamerasforartists #bestcameras #artcameras #artistcameras #bestartistcameras #camerareview #artistcamerareview #photographartwork #photographingartwork
a woman sitting at a desk in front of a computer with the words, empower your business & life with a heart - led mindset coach
Empower Your Business & Life with a Heart-Led Mindset Coach
Unlock the full potential of your entrepreneurial journey with a mindset coach designed for heart-led entrepreneurs. 🌟 Embrace purpose, passion, and prosperity. Elevate your business and life now! 💪 #HeartLedEntrepreneur #MindsetCoach #SuccessMindset
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How To Use AI Technology to Grow Your Creative Business
the best art books to inspire and inform your art practice
The Best Art Books
This is a comprehensive book list for artists that want to build on their art skills, get a creative boost and make their practice feel more fulfilling. #artbooks #artbooklist #booksforartists #bestartbooks #artistbooklist
Behind the Scenes as a 2D Concept Artist with useful Art Business Ideas, easy drawing & Digital Art Tips, concept art interview, being a freelance artist, teaching art, perfect for art reference & more! Art Business Ideas, Digital Art Tips, Art Therapy Directives, Ideas For Drawing, Creative Arts Therapy, Artist Problems, Artist Tips
Inspiring & Crazy Adventures of a 2D (Concept) Artist | FireDEV Talk
a woman with red hair and blue denim jacket in front of her is an article about how i reach my goals
Productivity Tips for Artists
In this video, I share my top 5 tips to help you increase your productivity as an artist. These are all things I do every day that help me reach my goals, and continue enjoying myself along the way. #tipsforartists #productivityforartists #artistproductivity #adviceforartist
an advertisement for the art and craft fair with various items on it, including books, toys
64 of the Best Gift Ideas for Creative Girls and Artsy Women - Paper del Sol
64 of the Best Gift Ideas for Creative Girls and Artsy Women
Do you have a creative business idea but not sure how to get started? See some of the best ways to finance your small business - learn what you really need to start your small business. Starting A Small Business, Youtube Promotion, Boss Women, Small Business Tools, Business Checklist, Business Basics, Business Funding, Back Fat
Finance Your Small Business - See What You Really Need to Start Your Small Business
Have a great business idea, but not sure how to fund your small business? Discover the best way to finance your online craft store. It's important to do your research and find the best way to get business funding for your creative business.
someone holding up a phone with the words social media platforms on it and an image of a
The Creative Entrepreneur's Quick Guide To Social Media Platforms
The Creative Entrepreneur’s Quick Guide To Social Media Platforms
a painting with a quote on it that says, a work of art which did not begin in emotion is not art
Creativity quotes| Art quotes| Paul Cezanne
When I start a new piece of art, I almost never have a plan. I set the paper and paint before me. Then suddenly I begin. This means I don't paint from my head but from my heart. My paintings are a manifestation of my emotion. I hope the painting resonates with how you feel too. #artme #inspiration If you want to get my painting in the background, check out my store⬇ for more