Es importantísimo saber esto! por si no sabes que es termino medio, bien cocido y cosas asi! este es un super Tip!

The consistency of your steak…

A quick trick to test the doneness of your beef. The fleshy part of your palm mimics the tenderness of your beef. For example, if you like your steak rare, your beef should be as soft as your palm while it's wide open and relaxed.

Aunque no esté muy extendido, y en algunos países ya se haya casi olvidado, los…

Aunque no esté muy extendido, y en algunos países ya se haya casi olvidado, los…

For GRILLING steak - I start the grill, heat up on high for 5+ minutes before putting the steak on.  I cook on MED. We like our steaks less pink  Medium to Medium Well, so we add 2 minutes per side.  (And 2 minutes or more per side if they are extra thick steaks).  Only flip ONCE.  Add a pat of butter  dash of salt, and no Steak Sauce needed.

16 Essential Tips For Cooking The Perfect Steak

Make the perfect steak! I wish Restaurants will get this right. I love my steak Medium Rare. I normally receive it medium well according to this picture.

Como Doblar una Servilleta de Tela en la Forma de una Rosa en 72 Segundos - YouTube

I demonstrate how to fold a cloth napkin into the shape of a rose bud. My mom has a friend named Bobbi. Bobbi has a friend who taught us how to make these napkin roses. Link to How to Fold a Napkin into a Christmas Tree video: . How, Rose, Fold,

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Glass Case Bottle Display Contemporary Kitchen Wine Cellar Custom Design Home Ideas. # I'm in heaven now!

Define el tipo de uva por el color del vino

Defining Full Bodied Red Wines

Defining Full Bodied Red Wines - Top 10 Darkest Full-Bodied Red Wines in the World

(PG) Preparativos antes de comenzar con el corte. Pasos a seguir para cortar correctamente un jamón ibérico o una paletilla ibérica. Consejos. .x.r.

Infographic: How to properly cut an Iberian ham. Step by step guide so you can perform professional slicing.

Colocación de la mesa. ¡¿Cuál es mi pan?!

Cómo colocar cada cosa en la mesa: sencillas nociones de protocolo

Proper Ways to Set a Table. The student understands the history of food service and the use of the professional kitchen and is expected to demonstrate types of table setting, dining, and service skills.