Shrimp Appetizers for Parties | Shrimp and Chorizo Bites: A tasty little party ... | Appetizers,snack ...

The Galley Gourmet: Shrimp and Spanish Chorizo Bites.yummy app idea although I will be using chicken or Turkey chorizo

Pan de elote con queso crema

Pan de elote con queso crema

Pan Dulce, Pastels, Empanadas, Queso Crema, Cup Cakes, Sin Gluten, Creme, Tortilla, Mexicans

Este postre se hace en menos de 15 min pero a tus invitados les encantará

Ce dessert se réalise en moins de 15 min mais vos invités vont l’ado

Squeeze Bottle Pancakes

Reception or Wedding day breakfast. Pancake Doodles- put pancake batter in a squeeze bottle.

pancake pops

Make Pancake Pops -- perfect for Father's Day Brunch!

Learn how to make Pancake Pops. The perfect breakfast party food for Father's Day, a PJ and Pancakes Birthday Party or even a Fourth of July brunch!

Entertaining for cocktail wedding reception dinner party engagement birthday party: spanish mini churros canapes dessert served in shot glass

Spanish Churros in Shot Glass with Warm Chocolate Sauce - love this for a dessert canape!

Tu Amiga Gourmet - Recetas Sin Gluten y Sin Lácteos: Receta Fácil de Pancakes de Banana con SOLO 3 INGREDIENTES

Learn how to make this delicious Banana Pancakes, only 3 ingredients, super easy to make, gluten and dairy free (Subtitles in english) -- Buy Gluten free, Da.