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a buddha statue sitting in the middle of a body of water with bubbles around it
a woman holding a crystal ball in her hands while sitting on top of a wave
Credit to: Chenchira Saetang
a woman sitting on top of a body of water surrounded by two golden dragon like creatures
Credit to: Chenchira Saetang
there is a statue with many flowers on it in the water and clouds behind it
พุทธศิลป์ (พระอวโลกิเตศวร)
สร้างภาพด้วย AI จาก Bing
a woman dressed in white and wearing a veil with sparkling stars around her, standing under a star filled sky
Dreamscape Architecture, Glamour Decor, Dark City, The Lost World, Fantasy City, Fantasy Castle, Fantasy Story, Fantasy Places, Fantasy Art Landscapes
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an image of angels surrounded by mythical creatures
Легенда про боротьбу Велеса і Перуна
За легендою, на початку світу було тільки море та небо. На небі жив Перун, а на морі - Велес. Одного разу Велес вирішив підняти море, щоб затопити Перуна. Перун звернувся до Птахи Слави з проханням допомогти йому перемогти Велеса. Птаха Слава з’явилася перед Перуном і допомогла йому перемогти Велеса. Після перемоги Перун подякував Птахі Славі та дозволив їй жити на неб
a painting of jesus walking on the water with storm clouds in the background and lightning coming from behind him
an oil painting of ships in the ocean with clouds and sun above them, as well as waves
a painting of a man in the middle of a large ocean wave with his head sticking out
Neptune God
Neptune God of the Sea created with ai  #aiart #neptune #god #godofthesea #aiartist #ai #viral #viralart  #conceptart #characterdesign #midjourney #wombodream #nct #dalle2 #art #water #sea #godofwater #watergod Tattoo, Tatoo, Female Art, Mar, Greek Myths
Neptune God of the Sea