Six of Crows

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jesper fahey aesthetic — grishaverse / six of crows Jesper Fahey Aesthetic, Jesper Fahey, Watership Down, Leigh Bardugo, Pirate Life, Six Of Crows, Books For Boys, Girl Guides, Aesthetic Images
jesper fahey aesthetic — grishaverse / six of crows
four different types of characters from the animated series, which are in color and black and white
two people kissing each other with hearts in the background
Kaz and Inej
Art by @fedzzzart on Tumblr
a black crow sitting on top of a moon with the words six of crows above it
a drawing of a person sitting on top of an envelope with the words if you're reading this i love you
Wylan Van Eck
Art by @artbyomii on Insta
an illustration of two people facing each other in front of a star filled sky with stars
_mageofspace_ Six of Crows
a man sitting on top of a chair in front of a window
Kaz Brekker
a woman with long black hair wearing a purple cape and holding a boat in her hand
Inej Ghafa