Victory Garden

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My grandfather passed on a love for things that grow from the earth, and lucky me, he passed on skill, too! Grow your own veg, herbs, and fruit as much as you can. It's good for the soul.

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Vegetable Garden Design: DIY Bean Trellis - Gardenista

Their little farm was a "diamond in the rough" when blogger April of Wahsega Valley Farm and her husband, Mike, moved to a cabin in the Georgia countryside

Front Lawn Vegetable Garden - How To Design ⋆ Shawna Coronado

How to plant and design a front lawn vegetable garden with ornamental edible plants.

40+ Edible Flowers (and How to Use Them)

You don't often think of grandma's flower garden as a good place to harvest your

Good Housekeeping | Hearst

We are an online handbook for living naturally in the modern world. A vivid chronicle of friendly, authoritative information about global cooking, gardening, design, wellness, and travel.

Mid July Garden

The woman paints and writes while the man goes on his solitary rounds in the garden. We are each busy is our tiny fiefdoms; after I show you my latest journal pages I'll show you the garden. This is a summer unlike any before it. I can feel the great wheel of change turning and all my old solutions falling away. The problem is what next. The answer is unknown. Certainly I will teach again starting this fall but not as often and to smaller classes. I have missed teaching this week. I am ready…

Dollar Store Garden Hacks - CREATIVE CAIN CABIN


How to make garden shade | Sustainable Gardening Australia

A step-by-step guide for making shade cover fitted for a garden bed. Made with bamboo poles and shade cloth

How to Save and Store Your Heirloom Garden Seed

How to save and store heirloom garden seed, especially bean seed is extremely easy. If you've read anything on my website, you know I'm a huge believer in heirloom gardening. Just one of the many

Seasonal Foraging Poster | Herbal Academy

Suitable for any year, and any season, this gorgeous 20 x 20" seasonal foraging poster serves as a handy reference of common wild plants to forage throughout the year. Beautifully illustrated plant allies encircle plant names (and parts!) that can be harvested in each corresponding season. Each seasonal quadrant also includes additional information about corresponding seasonal energetics, including the three doshas of Ayurveda and the Five Elements of Chinese medicine, as well as the equinox…

Vegetable Planting Schedule, Hardiness Zone Look-up, & Germination Temperature Chart

Vegetable Planting Schedule & Hardiness Zone Look-up: If there’s one thing that every gardener learns, — timing is everything. The path to a healthy harvest always starts with basic foresight and planning. The Vegetable & Herb Timing tables below provide the basics for scheduling your conventional and vertical Garden Tower plantings. And don’t forget to check out the Seed Germination versus Temperature chart to make sure your plants stay on schedule! Gardening with a high-volume container…

How to Make a Dibble

Cut down on the time that it takes to plant your garden by making a dibble tool. Here's how to make one.

BEYOND COMPANION PLANTING –‘Guild Building’ a Forest Garden

In one of our recent articles I wrote about companion planting and the specific plants my husband and I have grown successfully together -or not- when growing our seasonal food crops. This time I’d like to write about the function and use of plants grown in polyculture and how each plant species has inherent characteristics that benefit an entire plant community or plant guild (polyculture is growing many different types of plants together -as compared to monoculture). SYNERGY Similar to…

How Much to Plant Per Person in the Garden • The Prairie Homestead

I’m about to say something very controversial. Sacrilegious, even. Well, at least in homestead circles. Like always, a part of me is stoked for spring. STOKED, I tell you. The seedlings are growing in the basement, and I walk through the dormant garden about once every 3 days dreaming and planning. But a part of […]