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These sinus and allergy shower melts are easy to make and can help with the worst allergy symptoms.

Homemade Vapor Rub Shower Cubes

Try this easy recipe for homemade vapor rub shower cubes. This DIY remedy is perfect for clearing up nasal congestion and cold symptoms.

The best organic magnesium lotion recipe #magnesium #magnesiumdeficiency #diy #naturalremedy #sleep #anxiety #hormones

The Best Organic Magnesium Lotion Recipe

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30 minutes

The best organic magnesium lotion recipe #magnesium #magnesiumdeficiency #diy #naturalremedy #sleep #anxiety #hormones

Rosemary and Lemon Kitchen Soap Recipe - Removes Kitchen Odors

I made this easy rosemary and lemon soap to combat kitchen odors. Lemon essential oil moisturizes skin while it removes odors naturally. Rosemary smells great and gently scrubs your hands. I used melt and pour soap to make the soap. You can use a moisturizing version with shea butter or goat's milk if you want. I used clear because I wanted to see the suspended rosemary I added some grapeseed oil so it would be nourishing. I wash my hands a lot, which dries out my skin. The e…

Cucumber Mint Cold Process Soap

This cucumber mint cold process soap recipe uses whole cucumbers and refreshing peppermint and spearmint essential oils. Perfect for the summer!

Want to learn how to make soap from scratch? Browse our collection of the best 74 homemade soap recipes that are natural, healthier, and easy to make.

74 Delightful Homemade Soap Recipes That Are Fun to Make

Want to learn how to make soap from scratch? Browse our collection of the best 74 homemade soap recipes that are natural, healthier, and easy to make.

Juicy Orange & Sweet Rose Cold Process - Soap Queen

I’m a huge fan of fancy swirled tops, but for this recipe I decided to switch things up. This orange-scented soap is piled high with orange peels and rose petals, and the rich orange color comes from paprika — yes, the same paprika that’s probably in your kitchen! Herbs, botanicals and spices as colorants are …

Make Dozens Of DIY Soaps With This ONE Recipe | Natural Wellness Hub

How to Create Custom Soaps From a Single Recipe

Learn how to take one basic soap recipe and make a healing skin bar, sunflower soap and spring violet soap from it.

DIY Repairing Rosehip Under Eye Cream

Your under-eye area tells it all.How stressed you are, how much sleep you miss, your diet, the effectiveness of your skincare routine, and more.Whatever your reason, no one likes to constantly hear “You look exhausted!” Here’s how to make a DIY under eye cream full of powerful, natural oils!

How to Make Aloe Vera Soap

Learn how to make aloe vera soap using fresh aloe and natural ingredients. Also included is a cold process soap recipe for gentle aloe vera facial soap bars.

Easy Homesteading: DIY Pumpkin Spice Soap

10-Minute DIY Pumpkin Spice Soap

These pumpkin spice soaps smell like everything you love about fall! SUPER quick (under 10 minutes!) and easy to make, and they make an awesome gift idea!

How to Make Lye Free Soap | Homemade Soaps and Soap Recipes | Tutorials | Pioneer Settler | Soap Recipes without Lye, Natural Soap Tutorials and Ideas at #naturalsoaprecipes

Make Lye Free Soap On The Homestead | Homesteading

Make lye free soap with this soap making tutorial. You'll love making natural homemade soap for your homestead with these easy-to-follow steps.