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I laughed way too hard at this scene. But it's ok I did it with thousands of other fangirls.

Am I the current King of England? Because I extra love drunk Sherlock. <----- The stag party scene was the hardest that I've ever laughed at a Sherlock episode! And Sherlock's drunk deductions afterward!

Fine, he's grumbling, we can do it your way.

But John, my way was cooler. FINALLY someone said something about the blind banker Sherlock misses the obvious, guys. He thinks too complexly, sometimes he needs someone to point out what's right in front of his face.

Urban dictionary loves Sherlock

Urban dictionary loves Sherlock - While I liked it when I thought they had a prearranged code word, it is more awesome that Sherlock made one work on the spot!

Oh my GOSH! Mind blown!!!

The dedication put into the tiniest details of this show is remarkable. It's one of my favorite things about it actually. I love how they made a reference to Doctor Who though.

He almost can't say it!

i love how much it bugs him when they go by cumberb*tches instead of the cumbercollective.--and according to the AMA he gave, he approves of Cumbercookies!