"I just hope that when youre finally forgetting me, you get a Coca-Cola can with my name on it." LoL This is funny now that Coke's doing that with their cans

Descubre y comparte las imágenes más hermosas del mundo

Pocahontas is one of my favorite "princesses" (not sure if she's officially considered a "princess" since she never married a prince. kind of making her the princess. ANYWAY) and I LOVE this picture of her!

Alicia en el cielo con diamantes

Disney Gets Seriously Naughty in This Hilarious Fan Art

Alice in wonderland - CANDYKiD, hilarious cause it makes sense with her seeing all kinds of weird stuff

Hombre Árabe

Beautiful Man - Africa ++++ This site seems to have a monopoly on male beauty. Excuse me while I head for the shower .