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For some, a hotel is just a place where you crash at the end of a long day on vacation. For others, it becomes their home-away-from-home, their hub, and their…
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there is a hotel room with flowers on the wall and bed in the background that says, milan's best budget - friendly hotels
Milan's Best Budget-Friendly Hotels
Discovering affordable accommodations in Milan may seem like finding a hidden gem in a city known for luxury. But fear not, budget-friendly options do exist! 1- Antica Locanda dei Mercanti 2- Petit Palais Hotel De Charme 3- Palazzo Segreti Which one is your favorite? ❤️ Photos by: @anticalocandadeimercanti @petit_palais_milano @palazzo_segreti
a bedroom with white walls and wooden floors has a large bed in the corner, along with two lamps on either side of the bed
Hotel Sheets for Your Home | Oyster
In these trying times, self-care is more important than ever. And one of the simplest ways you can keep yourself healthy is by getting a good night's sleep. We can't think of a better way to truly spoil yourself right now than by giving your bed the luxury hotel overhaul treatment.
a swimming pool surrounded by palm trees with the words retro hotels worth visiting on it
Retro Motels Worth Visiting |
Some motels celebrate their vintage pasts and put on a new retro shine. With that in mind, take a look at our list of eight retro motels, from California to Wisconsin, all worthy of a visit.
a swimming pool with text that reads, 16 gorgeous swim - up rooms you'll totally fall in love with
The 17 Best Swim-Up Rooms in the World | Oyster
If you love lazing away your vacation days in the hotel pool, you can't do much better than staying in a swim-up room. While swim-up suites are especially popular with families, you'll find plenty of adults-only resorts around the world that offer elegant swim-up rooms as well. From Mexico and Jamaica to Bali and Phuket, we've rounded up our favorite swim-up rooms to help you plan your next vacation in style.
an outdoor hot tub with plants surrounding it and the words costa rica hotels with private plunge pools
Costa Rica Hotels With Private Pools |
Costa Rica is one of Central America's smallest countries, but it's home to hundreds of habitats -- from lush rainforests to beautiful white-sand beaches. The country's many ecosystems make it possible to go hiking, surfing, zip-lining, horseback riding, and waterfall rappelling in a single trip. When each vacation day means an epic excursion, a private in-room pool makes a sweet hotel perk. Take a look at our favorite Costa Rica hotels with private plunge pools for post-adventure relaxation.
a hotel room with red walls and white bedspread on the bed is featured in this post
This New Hotel Lets You Book Rooms Based on Your Mood |
You’ve likely heard of mood rings, but what about mood hotels? A hotel lets guests choose a room that best matches their emotions, rather than assigning accommodations at random. Pick a color, any color: green for rejuvenation, yellow for happiness, red for passion, and blue for tranquility. Click to find out where this moody hotel is located so you can book your stay.
the best hotel freebies we've ever received are in this bathtub and sink
The Best Hotel Freebies |
Freebies! The word alone sounds like a carnival ride where everyone wins a prize. And what could be better than a hotel that offers little perks completely gratis? Whether they’re delicious bath products, no-fee minibars, or thoughtful touches like shoeshines, we’re thrilled to bits to encounter these extras when they’re priced at zero dollars and zero cents. Click for the six most memorable hotel freebies Oyster editors have received in all our travels.
a dock with chairs and tables on it that says things hotels give guests for free
Things Your Hotel Will Give You for Free |
No matter how well-traveled you are, you're bound to forget something at home sooner or later. Or, perhaps your luggage will go missing. Either way, hotels are stepping up and standing ready to supply little necessities that their guests may find themselves without. Of course, we're talking about essentials beyond the expected shampoo and lotion. Below, we listed some freebies that you can pick up in your room or at the reception desk -- plus, the properties that offer them. #freebies
hotels with amazing city skyline views on the water in hong kong, china text overlay reads hotels with amazing city skyline views
Hotels With Beautiful City Skyline Views |
Whether you want to find a bit of romance or simply to be humbled by the genius of humanity, a skyline can be an awe-inducing thing of beauty. With that in mind we’ve collected 10 of the top hotels around the world that offer stunning views of skylines new and old. You’ll find everything from high-end luxury to simple mid-range options on this list, so no matter your budget there’s a beautiful view waiting to be found.
the best volcano hotels in costa rica
4 Costa Rican Hotels With Views of Arenal Volcano |
There’s good reason to visit the coasts of this Central American country -- it’s not called Costa Rica for nothing. But there’s also a draw to the the rainforest-filled interior, filled with incredible biodiversity. There’s also Arenal, a 5,358-foot-tall volcano. Though there’s always some risk involved with building a hotel near an active volcano (though Arenal has been dormant since 2010), the views are stunning, and they draw the tourists in. Here, check out four hotels that overlook Arenal.
the coolest hotel shower is on the balcony overlooking the ocean and beach in costa rica
The Best Hotel Features Hotels & Resorts (2019) |
Maybe it's the New York City renter in us, but one of our favorite parts of a hotel stay is the sparkling clean shower. Yes, we've seen plenty of showers with retro tiles, filmy curtains, and cramped proportions, yet even so, hotels generally deliver a more enjoyable shower experience than a rental apartment. Some hotel showers elevate that experience from enjoyable to full-on escapist. Take a look at the 12 most amazing hotel showers we've ever come across.
an outdoor pool with chairs and umbrellas next to the swimming pool in front of palm trees
10 Delightfully Retro Hotels in Los Angeles |
Many travelers to Los Angeles are looking for a dose of nostalgia -- a magical bygone era that evokes Tinseltown’s golden days, old-timey roadside diners, and dimly-lit watering holes where vinyl records spin. Even better is when you can bring that old-fashioned fun back to your hotel. That’s why we rounded up 10 retro properties in the City of Angels, from a motor hotel with neon lights to a throwback Beverly Hills icon with a beachy color palette. Ready for a time warp?
the most luxurious hotel closets in the world are on sale for under $ 1, 000
The Most Luxurious Hotel Closets in the World |
Traveling can be all about living out your wildest fantasies. And the hotel experience, too, is often about turning your reveries into a temporary reality, whether you opt for a property with a spectacular view, infinity pool, swanky decor, or all of the above. For those who’ve always dreamt about having a lavish closet, many hotels around the world can offer you the object of your desire. Overpacking is encouraged.
two beds in a room with the words 7 hotels that will make you want to visit japan
7 Hotels That Will Make You Want to Visit Japan |
From Tokyo’s towering skyscrapers to Kyoto’s ancient temples and tiny teahouses, Japan brilliantly fuses centuries-old culture and traditions with cutting-edge, modern technology. This mix of old and new is also evident in Japan's hotel offerings. Travelers can take their pick between a high-rise hotel with far-reaching views, or a ryokan (traditional Japanese inn), or even a futuristic pod hotel. #asia #japan #Kyoto #Tokyo #vacation #trip #travel #hotel #architecture
a hotel room with the words best new hotels in nyc on it's bed
New York Hotels: New Hotels in NYC |
There is no shortage of hotels in New York City, but that doesn't stop new properties from opening every year. Fortunately, many of these additions are seriously impressive, with their hip style, fine-dining restaurants, exquisite city views, and well-appointed digs. We took a look at the recently opened hotels to see which stood out from the rest, so you know where to stay on your next trip to the Big Apple. Check out the six best new hotels in NYC.