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Our neighbor to the north, Canada has oodles of natural beauty, plus incredible culture in its capital cities like Toronto and Vancouver, plus French-speaking…
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the top 5 things to do in quebec
Discover the Top 5 Things To Do in Québec City
In the heart of French Canada, Québec City invites you to discover its rich history and charm. Explore its captivating appeal with these must-see attractions. Photo by Andriy Blokhin | Adobe Stock
a city skyline with the words how to have the perfect romantic weekend in montreal
How to Have a Romantic Weekend in Montreal |
Now that the frost of winter has finally thawed, it’s the ideal time to brush up on your high school French, grab your sweetheart, and set off for a weekend of indulgence. Here’s our breakdown of the perfect weekend away in #Montreal.
people riding bikes down the street in front of a building with words that read best things to do in toronto
Best Things to Do in Toronto |
Toronto is a big city, but instead of gobbling you up, it invites you in. The vibe is casual, relaxed -- maybe a part of that is because people are glad to be there. A lot of the residents left elsewhere to call Toronto home. In fact, more than 140 languages and dialects are spoken in the city. That kind of variety sets the stage for a vibrant metropolis. You’ll see it in the food, fashion, arts, culture -- everywhere. Here’s how to get a glimpse of it through the best things to do in #Toronto.
the city skyline with text overlaying it that reads, monterail travel guide
Montreal Hotels & Resorts |
Montreal is something of a rare little gem in North America. Although the city is relatively small -- the main part of town is an island, with a population of about two million -- it has a dynamism, creativity, and understated elegance that are unparalleled this side of the Atlantic Ocean. Click to find out all our expert advice on visiting this charming destination. #Montreal #TravelGuide #Canada
a guide to the best islands in canada
Best Islands in Canada |
When most Americans think of an island vacation, they likely envision the Caribbean or Hawaii. But Canada has plenty of beautiful destinations that are great for getting away from it all, too. Some of these, like Galiano Island, are best for outdoorsy pursuits such as hiking and canoeing. Meanwhile, Fogo Island is home to a stylish hotel that offers luxe spa treatments. Take a spin through our guide below and discover which Canadian island is best for you.
a person walking across a bridge in the middle of a forest with trees on both sides
Best Things to Do in Vancouver: What to Do in Vancouver |
Canada is a favorite travel destination for many Americans, with a sizable chunk of these travelers heading straight to Vancouver. Beyond its stunning nature, you can expect big-city attractions, hospitable locals, and gastronomic greatness. Outdoor enthusiasts will love the parks, beaches, and mountains, while city slickers will be drawn to the museums, theaters, and sporting events. To help make your trip a memorable one, we rounded up some of the best things to do in #Vancouver.
a rocky shore with the words discovering the world's largest hiking trail
A 15,000-Mile Hiking Trail Just Opened in Canada |
It’s been 25 years in the making, but Canada’s massive cross-country hiking trail, dubbed the Great Trail, has finally opened. Spanning nearly 15,000 miles, the trail isn’t actually one path, but 400 different trails maintained by different communities across the country. There are also areas where travelers can cycle or ride horseback in the summer, and cross-country ski or snowmobile in the winter. In any event, it’s the longest hiking trail in the world.
an outdoor fire pit with chairs around it and the words where to experience france in north america
5 Unexpected Ways to Experience French Culture -- Without Going to France |
In France and much of Western Europe, peak tourism season begins in June and stretches through August, meaning a summer sojourn to the City of Lights, the South of France, or French wine country will be both costly and crowded. U.S. travelers hoping to add a little last-minute joie de vivre to their summer without breaking the bank can consider driving or jetting to one of these unexpected North American locales where French culture thrives. (You can always head to Quebec or Montreal, too!)
niagara falls and the canadian side with text that reads niagara falls us vs canada side
Niagara Falls US Side vs. Canada |
Niagara Falls is arguably the most famous waterfall in the world, and most of us have a stunning postcard-perfect image of it in our mind. That said, you can visit Niagara Falls in either country. What we think of as Niagara Falls, by the way, is technically three separate waterfalls: the Horseshoe Falls, which sits in Canada and is named for its shape; the American Falls; and the much narrower Bridal Veil Falls. Now, on to the smackdown for which side you should visit.
two boats tied to the dock with text overlay saying best places to raise kids outside of the u s
10 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Canada |
Close your eyes and picture Canada. What do you see? Perhaps a snapshot of the country’s pristine national parks pops into your head. Or, maybe you begin to daydream about Justin Trudeau, the progressive, effortlessly cool prime minister. There’s no doubt Canada has been under a favorable spotlight as of late. And it’s no secret that many Americans have even fantasized about relocating to their neighbor in the north. But here's a couple facts that may change the way you see this nation.
the best hot springs in canada
Incredible Hot Springs in Canada and Where to Stay Nearby |
Outdoor hot springs in Canada are a mind-blowing combo. Soaking in restorative hot springs is the perfect antidote to hiking (or skiing, or snowboarding, or even just driving) through the wilderness. The mineral-rich waters work wonders on relieving muscle tension, and besides, just imagine the gurgling warm water accompanied by crisp, Canadian air. Take a look at some of Canada's extraordinary hot springs (and let us know your favorites, too!).
a lake with mountains in the background and text overlay that reads why you should visit canada
5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Canada in 2017 |
This year happens to be a very important one for the rather modest country. Not only has it been named the top travel destination of the year by both Lonely Planet and the New York Times, but it's also gearing up for its 150th birthday on July 1st. Here, we’ve rounded up five solid reasons why you should visit Canada in 2017.
the words canada's quaintest towns in front of an old brick building
The Quaintest Towns in Canada |
While Toronto and Hamilton may have grown into boxy cities, the country’s provincial outposts maintain much of the hybrid culture and historic architecture they had hundreds of years ago. For vacationers who enjoy a nice stroll through an 18th-century stone mansion, a bike ride past a tree-framed lake, or even a trip to a beer museum, Canada’s backcountry has numerous charming towns worth a visit and stay. Here’s a short list to get your travel plans started.
a train traveling over a bridge with mountains in the background and text that reads canadian train trips
5 Scenic Canadian Train Trips |
While Canada’s major cities are certainly a tourist draw, its wilderness is a sight to behold on its own. While the more audacious might choose to hike the mountains and plains, there is a much more convenient method of sightseeing—trains. Canada’s train system can take guests across the entire country, viewing everything from the rocky cliffs along the Atlantic to the picturesque Canadian Rockies. These trains are but a few of the great offerings for a Canadian adventure.
the 8 awesome urban parks around the world
8 Awesome Urban Parks Around the World |
People are drawn to big cities for their never-ending assortment of things to do. But sometimes, it's nice to simply kick back and relax in the heart of a city while being surrounded by nature. For all those times, we’ve highlighted eight amazing urban parks where visitors can find refuge from the hustle and bustle.