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Egyptian Skies: Hot Air Ballooning Adventure
Ever dreamt of a breathtaking view from a hot air balloon? 🎈✨ Is it on your bucket list?
a woman looking at a map with the words 6 things tourists should never do in major cities
6 Things Tourists Should Never Do in Major Cities
There are rules of urban behavior that apply in nearly every city across the world—are you guilty of violating any? Photo by wpadington | Adobe Stock
The Budget Travel Destinations You Can't-Miss
Embark on an adventure to discover budget-friendly destinations that offer unforgettable experiences without breaking the bank! Thailand - $1-$2 street food, stay at "Happy Backpackers" for $5-$10. Slovenia - $5-$10 local meals, stay at "Slovenia Stay" for $20-$30. Poland - $5-$10 Polish food, stay at "City Backpackers" for $10-$20. Costa Rica - $5-$10 meals at "sodas", stay at "Rainforest Haven" for $10-$30. Cambodia - $2-$5 Khmer cuisine, stay at "Cambodia Chill" for $5-$15.
two hands making a heart shape with the sun setting in the background and text saying, 12 ways to travel successfully and still have a great vacation
12 Ways to Travel Sustainably and Still Have a Great Vacation
Here are 12 sustainable travel tips to help you reduce the impact of your travels. Photo by Prazis Images | Adobe Stock
the beach with text overlay that reads 4 budget - friendly tropical destinations for couples
4 Budget-Friendly Tropical Destinations for Couples
Check out these four affordable destinations: Bonaire | Nicaragua | Panama | Northern Colombia Photo by Paulo | Adobe Stock
Who would you take to Chamonix-Mont-Blanc?
❄️Top 5 Ski Destinations🏂
1️⃣ Aspen, Colorado 2️⃣ Whistler Blackcomb, British Columbia 3️⃣ Zermatt, Switzerland 4️⃣ Chamonix-Mont-Blanc, France 5️⃣ Niseko, Japan
After a year of leggings and slippers, it is time to get out and dress up. Shoes can make or break your outfit, so we’ve gathered some of the sexiest sandals out there. Outfits, Leggings, Sandals, Summer, Slippers, Strap Sandals, Up Shoes, Ankle Strap Sandals
11 Sexy Sandals for Summer 2022 | Oyster
After a year of leggings and slippers, it is time to get out and dress up. Shoes can make or break your outfit, so we’ve gathered some of the sexiest sandals out there.
a large white house surrounded by trees with yellow leaves
The 16 Coolest Themed Hotel Rooms in the U.S. | Oyster
With international travel restrictions in place to other countries from the U.S. due to the pandemic, many of us are spending time dreaming about our next far-flung getaway and exotic vacation destination. Until then, regain your sense of adventure, live out your secret fantasies, or book a romantic vacation for two at a place that will feel far away from home (even if it’s not) with a getaway to one of these 11 themed hotel rooms across the U.S.
an ornate building with blue and green tiles
This colorful centerpiece of Samarkand Uzbekistan is one of the most important monuments in the city. Showcasing the art of its people this structure is even more impressive at night Your trip to Uzbekistan is incomplete without visiting this site. The site itself can be seen from the outside for free but to truly appreciate the art you have to go inside after purchasing a $4 ticket. The illumination at night is spectacular if you are lucky they also do a project mapping show with music.
a man in yellow jacket walking on beach next to ocean with rock formation behind him
Take a walk on the darker side with a stroll along Southern Icelands black-sands. Proving all beaches dont need to be tropical Reynisfjara is full of soaring rock formations basalt columns and powerful waves full of photo ops. For another memorable way to witness nature at work take LesleyH14s advice Be sure to look up at the cliff birds going in and out of their nests! The whole experience was magical. Thank you to beautiful Iceland for sharing this with us!!! : @fataliefan
a table with plates and glasses on it near the water in front of some boats
Step into foodie heaven and enjoy seafood by the seaside at @belmondvillasantandreas elegant Oliviero Restaurant. The quality of the food and the ingredient are outstanding. Being interested in local food culture we asked some questions about it and we received detailed and comprehensive answers directly from food and beverage manager which was unique about sourcing and quality. If you appreciate good food in elegant surroundings served by impeccable staff look no further. : @travel_a_little_lux
a night time view of a city with lots of tall buildings and palm trees in the foreground
The Royal at Atlantis Review: What To REALLY Expect If You Stay
Have you been lucky enough to see the famed Atlantis Resort at night? Whether you have or not, it's always a good choice to look at pretty photos of this stellar resort in the Bahamas. #atlantis #bahamas #caribbean
a large red and white building with lots of windows
Built in the early 1900s Colombos candy stripe mosque was created as a space where the Indian Muslim community could perform salat (the religions five-time-a-day prayer ritual). And while this religious space welcomes non-Muslim visitors before entering travelers suggest respecting the local community by dressing modestly Remember to take off your shoes and to wear a scarf over your head if you are female (take one with you as I did not see any given out there). : @bmseventh
an outdoor swimming pool next to the ocean with a gazebo and chairs on it
Whether youre taking in this pastel sunset over a candle-lit meal or from the soft Balinese sands @theseminyakbeachresort makes for a getaway one traveler called One of the most memorable experiences that I have had in twenty years of travel. Tag the one you want to experience a Valentines Day full of romance privacy and luxury with at this beachfront resort. : @sassychris1