Ideal Customer/Target Market/Avatar Finder Tips

Increase profits by finding your perfect customer, your target market — your reason for doing what you do! If you're not sure who your idea customer is, follow…
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a fish with long pink and blue hair is shown in front of the words, how to use sight lines
How to Recognize and Use Sight Lines in Your Images
Do you know what a sight line is? When you do, you can use image sight lines to help you choose the best stock photos and use them to emphasize your marketing messages. See how images can "point out the essentials" with the visual marketing tips in this article! See branded image examples that will help you use sight lines starting today. #visualmarketing #visualcontent #diyvisuals via @BigBrandSystem
four women standing in front of a blackboard with the words find out why starting an online business has no age limit
Find Out Why Starting an Online Business Has No Age Limit
Looking for a career change in midlife? Starting an online business might just be the thing for you, my friend! Learn from Pamela Wilson of BIG Brand System how to build an online business you love. You are never too old, in fact -- you are in a perfect time to start a business. Click here to figure out how to use your expertise to build an online business today. // Midlife Career Change // Start a Business From Home//
a purple background with the words how to use powerful testimonals to grow your business
Grow Your Customers with Powerful Testimonials
Learn how you can ask for customer testimonials so you can use it to grow your business further. There’s nothing better than letting your satisfied customers do the selling for you. Click here to find out how to use those testimonials to your advantage!
a man is pointing at the camera with his finger and heart drawn on it in front of him
How to Choose a Business Name You'll Love Today, Tomorrow, and 5 Years from Now
Need ideas for naming your business? A unique business name that stands the test of time is crucial for a successful business. Here's how to come up with a business name you'll love today, tomorrow, and five years from now! #businessbranding #startup #whatsinaname via @BigBrandSystem
grass with the words how to grow your online business in just four stages
How to Grow Your Online Business in Just Four Stages
Get started with your online business today. Read this guide from BIG Brand System to learn how to start and build your online business in four stages that adapt to your goals, too! Click here to learn what the number 1 challenge of starting an online business is, and how to conquer it! // Start an Online Business // Successful Online Businesses //
the cover of how to brand your business creatively, with bubbles in the background
How to Brand Your Business Creatively
Learn branding design from award-winning designer Pamela Wilson of BIG Brand System. Make your business visually appealing with branded images. You can learn how to design branded images even if you’re not a designer. Yes, it’s possible! Click here to learn how.
a flyer with the words how to repurpose your content like a boss
Repurposing Content: 5 Simple Ways to Get Remarkable Reach
Does it feel like writing and publishing content for your #onlinebusiness is like a hamster wheel you can't get off? Pin this post for tips from Master Content Marketing author Pamela Wilson on #repurposingcontent. Plus, grab free downloadable #contentmar
a blue and red background with the words how to pinpoint your big motivation & fall back in love with your business
Love What You Do, Love Your Customers, Love Your Results
Here's a simple technique for starting a business that allows you to love what you do (every day), love your customers, and love the results you get. #idealcustomer #onlinebusiness #onlinebusinessideas via @BigBrandSystem
a trophy with the words how to create a winning business name in blue and green
How to Name Your New Business
Avoid business name traps create a winning business name with this detailed guidance from BIG Brand System. If you’re wondering, “How do I choose a new business name — and how do I format my business name?” you’ll get all the new business name help you need in one place. #onlinemarketing #bigbrand #bigleague
an advertisement for the brand, type styles of the rich and famous
Type Styles of the Rich and Famous
Upscale, rich-looking fonts don't have to cost a fortune. Click through and discover gorgeous, free fonts you can use right now — without paying a cent. #freefonts #typography #brandingtips via @BigBrandSystem
a bed sitting on top of a wooden floor next to potted plants and a sign that says learn how to boost your trust and online conversations
Learn How to Boost Your Trust and Online Conversions!
Ready to discover 4 simple steps to boost conversions in your online offer? Dive into this article from BIG Brand System to learn proven techniques so you can sell more of your products and services. Click here and start getting more sales today!
a book cover with the title how to write your website content, and an image of a
How to Write Website Content Like a Pro: A Beginner's Guide
A complete website content checklist for beginners! Wondering about writing website content when your site is new? Pamela Wilson, author of Master Content Marketing, is here with a smart strategy for getting your website pages written and published in the right order. Click through for in-depth tips for planning and writing winning blog posts and content marketing. #onlinebusiness #contentmarketing via @BigBrandSystem
a woman sitting on the floor in front of a laptop with text overlay that reads how to start a business from home
Are You Too Old to Start a New Business?
Make that midlife career change today and start a business from home! Pamela Wilson from BIG Brand System can help you build an online business you love. You’re never too old to run a successful online business, all you need is to start. Click here to grab the Online Business Success Roadmap today for free!
a woman wearing sunglasses and smiling with the words how to write great welcome email to your new subsciber
How to Write a Great Welcome Email to Your New Subscriber
Are you looking for the perfect welcome email template? Look no further! BIG Brand System has got you covered. Click here to see what the anatomy of a perfect welcome email looks like and use it to create your very own new subscriber welcome email today!
a chair with the words how to create the perfect lead magnet get 8 easy ideas here
How to Create The Perfect Lead Magnet
Learn how to create a lead magnet that people will actually want to use! It doesn’t have to be something complex or take a long time to create. In this article, you'll get 8 lead magnet ideas you can offer to grow your email list and your future customer list. A great way to build your online business, right? Click here to start.