Dragon craft to practice blowing! // Manualidad con rollo de papel higiénico…

Paper Roll Dragon Craft

Fire-breathing dragon craft diy kids crafts/over creative crafts that will help their development and pass some time instead of watching tv or playing gadgets.

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Duygular Identify and understand one’s own feelings. 12 emotions included with this pack including word flashcards

Diferenciación de colores

What a fun sorting game for toddlers using fruit loops. Put them in by color or try tossing them into their colored circles. Get them to say each color as they get it.

Nombre de las partes del cuerpo y ponerlos donde pertenecen. #partesdelcuerpo #aprendizaje

Body Parts--add hands for touch and make a 5 Senses activitiy

Muñeco de nieve para colorear

Dress the snowman freebie


Pinte as figuras:

dominó con formas

Could make from Painted Sticks! Homemade Pop Stick Shapes Dominoes - simple hands-on game for learning and playing with shapes.

Actividades para estimular y trabajar la motricidad en infantil y preescolar (21)

Material TEACCH y otras ideas - Atendiendo Necesidades

* In de sneeuw!

* In de sneeuw!

Actividades para Educación Infantil: 12 actividades de motricidad fina

Great for fine motor control! Trace the shapes with beans or small manipulatives to make designs. Could also have them glue down birdseed in patterns for Kindergarten.

Motricidad fina Actividades (15)

Color matching and fine motor

Psicomotricidad fina

This would be a fun idea for kids and a great use for all those toilet paper rolls I can't throw away! Chopsticks or tweezers for fine motor skills, used to pick up and drop pom-poms into color matched toilet paper rolls.

Motricidad fina Actividades (18)

Carrera zigzag / ZIG ZAG Race for practicing fine motor control

Actividades Motricidad Fina (7)

{Mommy School} Playing & Learning with Play-Doh!

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fun, learning activities for toddlers. felt shapes onto cardboard with Velcro.

El control de la motricidad fina es la coordinación de músculos, huesos y nervios para producir movimientos pequeños y precisos. El nivel de control de la motricidad fina en los niños se utiliza pa…

Actividades para mejorar la motricidad fina de tu hijo de 1-3 años

Printables for pom pom activities for kids.good for fine motor skills. Glue magnets on the backs of the pom poms then put the sheet on a cookie sheet. love this idea.