Nicely casual. Looks like he doesn't try too hard to look good - even if he does!

Oh my! Hairstyle is gorgeous on this guy! aaron-symons:“ Michiel Van Wyngaarden photographed by Gustavo Papaleo”

Studio a i Reimagines AIDS Memorial Park Design as a Fresh Gre...

Studio a+i Reimagines AIDS Memorial Park Design as a Fresh Green Triangular Canopy...

Escuela Vocacional Sra Pou,Maqueta

Galería de Escuela Vocacional Sra Pou / Architects Rudanko + Kankkunen - 13

Sra Pou vocational school is a vocational training center and community building in Sra Pou village, Cambodia. The school is operated by Blue Tent NGO and the Sra Pou community. It was designed by Architects Rudanko + Kankkunen and built during.

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Sculpturistic styling in a cob home. This would be great in a porch or entrance area. by felicia