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a black and white poster with three different cuts of meat in the shape of cows
Found this cool meat temperature guide. For me, as a cooking starter, this turned out to be very helpful.
the recipe for making homemade sugar with honey is shown in red and white, on top of
honey substitute for sugar conversion
honey substitute for sugar conversion - Yahoo Image Search Results
the ingredients and instructions to make an ingredient list
how much butter to use for baking? infographical poster with instructions and pictures
Graphic: Butter measurements for baking
a pink poster with instructions on how to use sugar and other ingredients for the recipe
Common Ingredient Substitution List - Ad Lib Mom
a menu with different types of food and drinks on the side, including creams, sugar
Embracing the Keto Lifestyle: Fueling Your Health with a Low-Carb Approach
an info sheet showing the ingredients for baking sugars, sugar and flour in different flavors
Every Conversion You Need to Know About Baking at Fahrenheit 350° to Celsius Made Easy
the instructions for how to use kitchen aid attachments
Which Aide is Best
the instructions for how to cut a recipe in half with scissors and measuring cups on each side
a poster with the text how long will it last in the freezer? dairy - misc meat soups + fish fruits + vegetables
an advertisement for cookies and ice creams with the words bake the perfect cookie
The Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookie Guide - finding the perfect texture that you love.
a blue and white poster with the words dishing substitutions
How To Substitute Ingredients When Baking